IPad Drawing Masterclass at the Royal Drawing School, London

On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May I’ll be running an iPad drawing masterclass for the Royal Drawing School. We’ll be working from the collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the British Museum. So, obviously some amazing artifacts to be inspired by and to respond to. The aim of the two days is to develop our skills in looking and recording whilst exploring and exploiting the potential of the iPad as a painting and drawing tool. I will be focusing in particular on the Procreate app which is incredible to use but we can use Brushes Redux and Adobe Sketch. If you ‘d like more details follow the link to the Royal Drawing School where you can also book a place. I hope to see you there and to share some of the incredible things I have seen recently as part of my research for the weekend. https://royaldrawingschool.org/courses/public-courses/ipad-drawing-masterclass-discovery-through-transcr/