'Life Drawing on the iPad'

Finally, it's here, my book about painting and drawing, on the iPad. 50,000 words, 169 illustrations and 15 months of work, on and off. Published by Crowood Press it's a blow by blow account of how to see tone, line, colour, proportion in the figure in conjunction with all the essential approaches using the incredible app Procreate. I do discuss other apps like Adobe Draw and Brushes Redux but I have to say Procreate is the standard to beat. It's optimised for the iPad iOS 11 and with an iPencil it's just superbly sensitive and natural. It offers up so many exciting possibilities, all in your hand. Grab your studio (the iPad) and take it wherever you are, the life room, the landscape, the park or your local. It's discreet and mobile meaning you can do what you couldn't previously from just sheer practicality, immediacy and convenience.

Order a copy of the book online from Amazon and other online retailers or check your local bookstore....


A2 illustrations from the book 

A2 illustrations from the book 

iPad Drawing and Painting session at Evolution Arts Brighton

In this session I introduced users to the basic possibilities of the Procreate app for iPad and Brushes Redux. Procreate is the superior app providing the artist with abundant opportunities to deploy layers in a number of ways. For this session the focus for the drawing was representing tone, shape and placement accurately. Many questions were asked and in conjunction with our drawing issues we looked at using layers, brushes and brush qualities, erasing and saving. Time flew and the results were immediately impressive. 


iPad drawing Courses at Phoenix Brighton and Evolution Arts Brighton

I'm starting two iPad drawing courses. The first is at PhoenixBrighton from Tuesday 26 September. It runs over seven weeks, 6.30-8.30pm each week. 


St. Peter's Church, Brighton 2016 iPad drawing ©Julian Vilarrubi

St. Peter's Church, Brighton 2016 iPad drawing ©Julian Vilarrubi

The second is at Evolution Arts in Brighton. This runs over two Sundays 22 and 29 October.


See more, draw and paint it with one of the most convenient versatile apps we have now, Procreate on the iPad. In these practical sessions, I'll be covering basic drawing skills with demonstrations on how to get to grips with Procreate, the best drawing app I know. All levels welcome. Other apps accepted.

The iPad will challenge you but it will repay with an infinite range of possibilities that can and will provoke new ideas possibly to be developed with more traditional media at a later stage. Your complete studio is now in your hands at your fingertips.

Your working surface is convenient and discreet. You can work where you want to work, more or less. It is a mobile device. Take your studio with you to places you would not normally go, at different times of the day. You can respond there and then and be spontaneous. No need to try to remember anything or look for basic materials and perhaps miss the moment as a result.

It is also a visual diary stored conveniently in one place, easily organised and accessible which allows you the freedom to print, send and share your images. The iPad is your portable portfolio. Reveal your work and yourself with ease. Share your work and receive feedback to a wide audience, anytime, anywhere. You are connected globally.